3 Habits All Frozen Food Distributors Should Avoid

See some of the bad habits that get in the way of success for frozen food suppliers

Being a successful food broker and distributor means keeping a lot of plates in the air. The goal is to make it all look seamless to your clients. Your clients want a sustainable printer, that will provide cost savings through its pricing quotes, with a solid guarantee to its on-time delivery. So, what could go wrong? See some of the bad habits that get in the way of success for frozen food suppliers. 

Habit #1: Choosing Price Over Performance

The impact of missing a launch date for a new SKU is huge. Best case, red faces and team embarrassment. Worst case, lost sales, profits and brand damage. With the need to get products ever-faster and more frequently, the stakes are only getting higher. You’ve been told to look for ‘cheaper’ packaging companies, but where do you start? You already know from previous bad experiences that looking for the cheapest provider will get you… the cheapest provider. You think back to a few months ago and instantly remember a client who went down this route – late product launches, the lost margin, rushed freight charges, loss of sales, and the list goes on.

While a cheaper provider may save you a few dollars initially, the blow-back of potential missed deadlines can be incredibly costly. Looking for a reliable partner that offers added value will get you a whole lot more! Look for a supplier that offers rock-solid guarantees for on-time delivery, and a strong project management system that can keep all deadlines on track.

Habit #2: Getting Caught Behind Trends

Customers are demanding to know that what they buy, including the package, is sourced responsibly and sustainably. Your client wants to grow their sales with innovative new products but also want cost-neutral solutions and on top of that, they want to be seen as environmentally responsible. 

We have all heard the terms “green”, “clean packaging” and “sustainable” but where do you start in finding a reliable and truly sustainable supplier, when there is so much jargon being used in the packaging industry? 

Look for a company that is certified with an accrediting body – like the Sustainable Green Printing partnership. SGP was the first accrediting body to define what sustainable printing is. Before SGP, anyone could claim they were ‘green’ without meeting any specific criteria – which we know has given a lot of brokers like yourself a headache. SGP currently represents the industry standard, however, only 3.6% of flexographic printers in North America have been certified. Having this accreditation means the supplier you choose will not only be creating sustainable packaging, but working with sustainable processes internally, too.  

Habit #3: Choosing The Wrong Partners

You have multiple brands relying on your expertise to get their products on shelves, which means every distraction is hurting your bottom line. Putting your brand into someone else’s hands is a big decision, especially as you are responsible for the outcome. You need to know exactly who is working on the project, and ensure that every deadline is being met. Finding a supplier that provides a team of project managers who have an intimate knowledge of the flexible packaging industry is key.  Your client is demanding consistency, its time for you to demand reliability. 

Our business, like yours, is built on a foundation of strong relationships. Building those relationships with new clients upfront helps to set expectations, increase efficiency down the road, and can earn you valuable referrals. A working relationship that starts strong is easier to maintain in the future. 

At Emmerson Packaging, our mission is simple: Customer Success. With 98+% on-time delivery it’s clear we don’t just deliver premium flexible packaging – we also deliver on your client’s business plan with project management solutions to help you succeed. Getting it right the first time is the most critical component of any project, and our free Project Central team is here to help you achieve it. Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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