Steamable Packaging – Safety & Convenience for Today’s Families

In order to compete in today’s marketplace, frozen food manufacturers need to anticipate changing customer needs and stay on top of trends. Over the last decade, shifts in lifestyle and behavior have had a significant impact on the consumer packaged goods industry, with one of the more significant changes being a notable increase in demand …

Pick Up The Park Challenge

The dreary Canadian winter is finally behind us. Snowbanks are all but melted and we are reminded of our past indiscretions. With Earth Day fast approaching (April 22nd), the JOHSC at Emmerson Packaging decided to make a positive impact on the environment where employees work every day.  The Pick Up The Park challenge was created …

3 Ways Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging Can Help You Reach Your Corporate Sustainability Goals

If you’re like a lot of forward-thinking companies, you have set corporate sustainability goals that your entire organization is striving to achieve. As you may be aware, sustainability reporting and corporate sustainability goals are an important part of building public trust for the modern company. In its guide to corporate goal setting, the United Nations …


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