Custom Packaging Solutions for Snacks, Grains, and Other Products

Discover why flexographic printing has advantages for consumer packaged goods.

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Snacks, Grains, and Custom Packaging

From custom poly bags with the most innovative features on the market to high-volume surface printed rollstock, our packaging solutions reflect the culture of craftsmanship and pride that has defined Emmerson Packaging for over 65 years.

Our award-winning high-impact graphics and highly responsive customer service team will ensure you’ll build your brand, replace your packaging problems with packaging solutions, and grow your market.

Flexible Packaging Formats

From traditional packaging formats to sustainable options, we have the right solution to bring your brand to life. We service a wide variety of different markets including snacks, grains, and more.

Guaranteed Launches & Transitions

It’s important for your brand of product to be available on the shelf every day. Our on-time delivery guarantees your brand will be there.

Affordable Sustainable Packaging

Help make sustainability easy for consumers to make a difference without paying the price. Our certified solutions will help build brand preference.

Why Flexible Packaging is Ideal for Snacks and Grains

The superior barrier options available with flexible packaging ensure that your snacks and grain products are protected. Preventing oxygen and light from reaching products such as chips and granola bars when necessary helps maintain freshness and minimizes food waste. 

Sustainable packaging options are food-safe and can help you meet your company sustainability goals. 

Resealable closures allow consumers to snack at their convenience while keeping the contents fresh — at home or on the road. Economical solutions such as poly bags are also available. 

Snacks and grain producers that use flexible packaging can take advantage of the structures that display their brand and attractive graphics on the shelf. 


If you are looking for packaging that’s safe, convenient, and attention-grabbing for your snacks, grains, or other product, we have a solution for you.

Hot-Fill Films

Our multilayer hot-fill films protect the contents of your package from the outside environment and have barrier controls in place to ensure your product can’t be contaminated. We have done extractable testing for FDA 21CFR and our films are FDA-approved.

We offer two types of hot-fill films with superior polyethylene to ensure there is no leaching:

  • Nylon/POLY

The benefits of using hot-fill films include:

  • They’re FDA-approved
  • Large and flat surface area for stacking and marketing information
  • Reduced storage space
  • Extend shelf life

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