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Innovation in Biodegradable Packaging is Possible with Emmerson

Biodegradable packaging is not as common as recyclable packaging and therefore is not as recognizable to consumers. Consumers don’t typically think of plastic packaging being biodegradable (the term “biodegradable” simply refers to any material that can be broken down into its smallest components by living micro-organisms without causing harm).

Lots of materials are technically biodegradable, but the process takes so long —dozens or even hundreds of years — that it doesn’t do much good for the environment. In order for packaging to meet the definition of “sustainable”, the materials used must break down in a reasonable timeframe. Sustainable packaging uses renewable materials that are lightweight, making a positive impact on the circular economy through manufacturing, distribution, and disposal.


Two products manufactured by Emmerson Packaging, SmartPack-BDG™ and PetPack-BDG™, give you and your consumers the premium product they want without leaving any waste behind. Both of these products have been tested and validated against ASTMD5511 to ensure that complete biodegradation occurs in a sustainable amount of time, leaving behind zero toxic residue. Your consumers can simply dispose of the packaging in their regular garbage and they will degrade in an active landfill environment. SmartPack-BDG™ is also fully recyclable, giving your consumers added flexibility when the package reaches end-of-life.

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