Boil-in-Bag — BPA-Free and FDA-approved

Boil-in-Bag — BPA-Free and FDA-approved

  • FDA-approved for food contact
  • No impact on flavour or aroma quality of foods stored or cooked therein
  • Dioxin and BPA free
  • Can be frozen, boiled or refrigerated
  • Designed for daily use by both commercial and consumer use
  • Heavy-duty side seams hold up to long boiling times
  • High puncture resistance
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Boil-in-Bag — Safety & Conveneience for Consumer and Institutional Uses

What is Boil-in-Bag?

The Boil-in-Bag gives your customer the convenience of simply reheating their food by placing the pouch in boiling water. It’s FDA-approved for food contact and keeps food tasting and smelling fresh. 

How to Use Boil-in-Bag

This dioxin and BPA-free pouch can be boiled, frozen, or refrigerated, and is designed for daily use in commercial and residential kitchens. Heavy-duty seams hold up to long boiling times, and high puncture resistance keeps food safe until it’s ready to be prepared. 

Just heat, open, and pour—with the Boil-in-Bag, it’s that easy. 

Why Boil-in-Bag?

55% of customers are cooking at home more since the pandemic started. Give your customers the convenience they are looking for. At home or in a restaurant, the simple and safe three-step cooking process allows cooks to focus their energy on other tasks and complete a full meal in a fraction of the usual time. 

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