• Recyclable

Recycle-Ready Smart-LAM

  • Easily recyclable #2
  • Two different barrier options: “moisture” or “moisture and oxygen”
  • Pleasing package stiffness
  • Runs well on packaging lines
  • Lamination-grade inks are protected by top layer of film
  • Approved for How2Recycle® store drop-off in the US
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Make the Smart, Sustainable Choice with Smart-LAM

Smart-LAM Delivers Traditional Lamination Benefits in a Recyclable Format

Brand transparency is one of the biggest drivers behind consumer behavior today, and consumers are demanding it in every aspect of their purchase journey, including the packaging they buy. At Emmerson Packaging, we understand the term “clean label” is confusing, not only to consumers but to retailers alike. Make it easy for your customers to make a sustainable packaging choice.

Our award-winning umbrella of sustainable ‘Smart’ products, has been extended with Smart-LAM, a PE/PE lamination that’s used in a wide variety of markets. Whether you are looking for treats and small pet food bags, or fruit, vegetables or grains, Smart-LAM is the solution for you. It has all the features you expect of a typical stand-up pouch, with added benefits. As an easily recyclable #2 where curbside recycling exists in Canada, the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) has a pleasing stiffness and runs well on packaging lines.

Being a How2Recycle member improves the reliability, completeness and transparency of recyclability claims. By having this label on your product, consumers are able to take their package to designated store-drop off locations in the US where it will be collected and recycled – making sure your product doesn’t end in landfill. If you are not a member, but are interested in joining How2Recycle, you can look into membership options here.

We make sure to use lamination grade inks to create eye-popping graphics that are protected by the top layer of the film, so you no longer have to worry about smudges or scratches to your graphics.

With a luxurious silk finish, we are also proud to offer two different barrier options—Moisture or Moisture and Oxygen— so you never have to worry about shelf life again.

Emmerson Packaging is proud to be among the 3.6% of North American printers who are SGP certified, and in 2011 became the first Canadian company to be awarded the SPG certification. We help our customers reach their sustainability goals as an environmentally responsible part of their supply chain, promoting full transparency and accountability. By partnering with an SGP certified printer, you can add the SGP certification to your packaging at no additional cost. With the SGP certification logo proudly displayed on your packaging, you’re showing potential customers that you’re committed to environmentally sustainable business practices.

What is Smart-LAM?

A high-performance, engineered PE/PE laminate in easily recyclable rollstock or pouch format.

Will I Compromise Quality?

No – your designs are printed between film layers so your eye-popping graphics are protected. You no longer have to worry about smudges or scratches to your graphics!

Smart-LAM also has a pleasing stiffness and runs well on packaging lines, making it both an efficient and effective choice.

Why Smart-LAM?

Smart-LAM provides consumers a #2 package that can be recycled where streams exist. This helps make it easy for consumers to make a difference on the environment without paying a high price.

The structure of Smart-LAM has been approved for Store Drop-off recycling with How2Recycle in the US (eligibility can change based on product application and attachments). If you are a How2Recycle member we can print the How2Reycle labels on your packaging for free!

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