Shelf Stable & Earth Safe Biodegradable Pet Food Packaging

Are you committed to furthering your sustainability initiatives this year? What’s good for the Earth is good for our pets, and in 2018 Emmerson Packaging wants to help premium pet food manufacturers ensure the reverse is also true: that what’s good for our pets is also good for the Earth.

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A Holistic Approach To Pet Care

Caring for animals goes hand-in-hand with caring for the planet. Promoting better pet health starts with better nutrition, but doesn’t end there. Partnering with packaging innovators that promote sustainability at every step of the manufacturing process enables a holistic approach to pet care that environmentally conscious pet owners will appreciate and support.

Advocating For Animals & The Planet With PetPack-BDG™

We developed PetPack-BDG™ with a holistic approach to developing sustainable pet food packaging in mind. Our goal was to create a flexible packaging solution that promoted both the well-being of pets and of the planet.

PetPack-BDG™ is fully biodegradable and makes it easier than ever for animal lovers to help the planet. There is no complicated disposal process—when the bag is empty, pet owners can simply add it to their household garbage. The innovative design of PetPack-BDG™ means it will begin to biodegrade as soon as it is exposed to active landfill conditions, leaving behind biomass and methane gas, which can be diverted and used as a source of clean energy. PetPack-BDG™ has been tested against ASTM D5511 and no toxic materials are known to be left behind during the biodegradation process.

Manufacturers of premium pet food products will be delighted to learn that PetPack-BDG™ does not compromise on appearance. Giving consumers the tools to reduce their environmental footprint means getting their attention first. Sharp, stunning, rub-resistant graphics are part of the PetPack-BDG™ appeal, so premium pet food producers never have to sacrifice shelf impact to help themselves and their customers reach their sustainability goals.

Safety First: Shelf Stability, Wet And Dry

The safety of our pets and yours is our top priority. PetPack-BDG™ will never begin to break down unless it’s in an active landfill environment, no matter what’s inside. If your premium pet food line includes wet or moist foods, you can trust PetPack-BDG™ to safely contain them for the life of the product without prematurely breaking down or affecting palatability.

You can learn more about our company-wide commitment to safety here.

Your Premium Pet Food Needs PetPack-BDG™

Developing the innovative PetPack-BDG™ was part of the lofty sustainability goals we set for ourselves nearly two decades ago. Since the year 2000, we’ve reduced our residual solid waste by 87%, our water usage by 78%, and our electricity usage by 41% while continuing to evolve our product lines to better serve our environmentally conscious customers. We hold our premium pet food packaging to the highest standards for safety, quality, and sustainability—something we know you and your customers will value.

No matter how high you set the bar, we can help you reach your sustainability goals in 2018 and beyond. Our Innovations Department will work with you to create the perfect tailored solution for your premium pet food lines, and our team of coordinators at Project Central are ready and waiting to answer any questions you have about our products and process.

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