Sustainable Packaging for Smart Brands

Are you a Sustainability Hero?

Measure your brand’s sustainable packaging practices by calculating your SmartScore and compare against industry benchmarks. 


Sustainable Packaging

Your consumers are increasingly concerned with the impact they’re making on the environment, and increasingly aware of the difference between greenwashed products and true sustainability.

As a leading brand owner, you want to give your customers the sustainability they desire, but not at the expense of product safety or your margins.     

Historically, at least in the flexible packaging industry, words like “recyclable”, “biodegradable”, “compostable”, and “eco-friendly” have been synonymous with reduced quality. However, that’s simply no longer the case. Our sustainable packaging options are shelf-stable, maintain a premium look and feel, and offer superior barrier control—plus, they’re more affordable than ever.

Discover how Emmerson Packaging can help you reach your energy and water consumption goals by improving sustainable sourcing practices through your supply chain. As the first Sustainable Green Printer (SGP) to be certified in Canada, Emmerson can help your brand succeed and grow while you become more environmentally friendly.


We introduced one of the industry’s first truly sustainable flexible packages. Our experience producing them (almost a billion sold!) means you’ll benefit from the cost savings and technology improvements we’ve discovered since then.


Our environmentally friendly packaging options include recyclable, biodegradable, and recyclable-biodegradable options, such as the award-winning SmartPack™.


Our sustainable claims are backed up by some of the most demanding green requirements in the industry. We’re part of the 3.6% of North American printers that live up to SGP standards.


Find out the true impact your sustainable packaging choice will have on the environment with our interactive comparison tool.


How2Recycle is a solution for brands and retailers looking for sustainable options for their supply chain. As a How2Recycle member, we are able to print specific pre-approved labels on your package.

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