Affordable Sustainable Packaging

Making the switch to sustainable packaging may be more affordable than you think. Learn about the real benefits and costs of going green with Emmerson Packaging.

Big brands are making headlines by setting ambitious sustainability goals.

Regulations are becoming stricter as governments pressure companies to go green.

Will your brand lead the sustainable pack, simply keep up, or be left behind?

Sustainability Matters

We’ve talked with many brand owners who believed that the cost of entry to sustainable packaging was too high. This is an outdated belief that is costing otherwise solid brands money—customers are switching brand loyalties to support products more in line with their values, and companies are missing out on new and strengthened revenue streams unlocked by sustainable practices. We can help you navigate this transition with minimal risk and maximum affordability.

When we launched one of the industry’s first recyclable flexible packaging options that replaced non-recyclable laminates over a decade ago, SmartPack™, sustainable packaging was still seen as risky and expensive. The lowering cost of technology has greatly reduced the cost of sustainable packaging over the past decade. As industry leaders, our deep experience in the eco-friendly packaging field means our customers benefit from the cost efficiencies and processes we’ve discovered and developed since 2008.

Supply Chains Matter

Stand out from your competition with packaging that is truly sustainable and part of an ethical, transparent supply chain. Emmerson Packaging is one of only 3.6% of North American packaging printers that are SGP certified. We can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, boosting your brand and generating more revenue for your company.

We have adopted many new sustainable practices over the past two decades, reducing our water usage by 92%*, electricity usage by over 33%* and Co2 by 43%*. We can help you do the same.

*These figures are correct as per our 2021 figures Sustainability Impact report. 

Find out the true impact your sustainable packaging choice has on the environment with our interactive comparison tool. Calculate your results now.

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