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Why Choose Sustainable Packaging?

Your consumers are increasingly concerned with the impact they’re making on the environment. This inclination is even more common with the millennial generation, where the majority of these consumers not only recognize but want to fix the impact of years of unsustainable practices. Their concern is not matched by their willingness to pay. It’s up to you to help them feel like they are making a positive impact without paying more to do so.

Today, product manufacturers like you have to walk a fine line between package sustainability and quality. You need green packaging that provides a safe barrier from elements like moisture and cold air. You also have to ensure that your packaging is shelf-stable and that it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. Historically, at least in the flexible packaging industry, words like “recyclable”, “compostable”, and “eco-friendly” have been synonymous with diminished quality. That’s simply no longer the case.

Sustainable packaging reduces excess and uses renewable materials that are lightweight, making a positive impact on the circular economy through manufacturing, distribution, and disposal.

At Emmerson Packaging, we’re constantly innovating to meet the demands of a more conscious world—and that’s something we can all feel good about.


A high-performance, engineered PE/PE laminate in easily recyclable rollstock or pouch format

Features and Benefits

  • Recyclable with a #2 or #4 rating
  • Engineered to replace traditional PET/PE structures (appearance and stiffness)
  • Excellent machineability
  • Multiple barrier options (Moisture &/or Oxygen and grease)
  • Can be made with Post-Consumer Resin
  • Recyclable format approved for Store Drop-off recycling with How2Recycle in US*
  • Print the How2Recycle logo on your packaging**
  • CPIA 2018 & FTA 2020 Sustainability award winner
  • 1% reduction in energy consumption in comparison to traditional structures
  • 6% reduction in CO2 emission in comparison to traditional structures
  • 17% less water consumed in comparison to traditional structures

Post-Consumer Resin (PCR)

Film with Post-Consumer Recycled content

Features and Benefits

  • Reuses recovered plastics to reduce use of virgin resin
  • Recyclable and traditional structures available
  • FDA approved
  • Sourced from Envision Plastics
  • Reduces resin manufacturing energy consumption by 90% (compared to virgin resin)
  • Reduces resin manufacturing CO2 production by 78% (compared to virgin resin)
  • A critical link in the circular economy
  • 5% less total energy consumption in comparison to traditional structures (with 25% PCR) and 9% reduction with 40% PCR
  • 4% reduction in total CO2 Emission in comparison to traditional structures (25% PCR) and 6% reduction in 40% PCR
  • 4% less total water consumed in comparison to traditional structures (25% PCR) and 7% total reduction with 40% PCR

Sugar Cane

A renewable source alternative to traditional PE

Features and Benefits

  • Fully recyclable in PE or PE/PE structures
  • No impact on quality or graphics
  • Add the I’m Green logo to your package if you use a minimum of 25% of Sugarcane resin
  • 10% CO2 Emission reduction in comparison to traditional structures (25% Sugar Cane)
  • 16% less water consumed in comparison to traditional structures (25% Sugar Cane)

Renewable source

A renewable source alternative to traditional PE

Features and Benefits

  • Starch displaces virgin resins
  • Reduces resin manufacturing greenhouse gas generation between 20-40%
  • Reduces use of fossil fuels
  • No impact on quality or graphics
  • 5% reduction in total CO2 Emissions in comparison to traditional structures (20% starch)


Film that breaks down into water, CO2, biomass, and inorganic compounds in 180 days

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • Tested & Validated against ASTM D6400


At Emmerson Packaging, change comes from innovation. Our sustainable products use the latest cutting-edge technology, designed in our very own Innovation Department. Through partnerships with leading labs, suppliers, and universities, our experienced team will help you explore sustainability options tailored to your markets and products.

Some of our product advances help you reduce the number of films required for your package, resulting in a decrease of up-front materials required. Other innovations have resulted in processes that allow consumers to dispose of products in their regular garbage. 

These innovations make Emmerson Packaging one of the leading sustainable packaging companies in North America and offer several choices for your packaging needs, including fully recyclable options.

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